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Insect Bites and Stings



Insect bites and stings may be painful but they are rarely serious:

  • There may be irritation and itching on and around the bite.
  • A small, itchy lump may develop.
  • A small, fluid filled lump which is very itchy may also appear
  • Antihistamine tablets can be obtained from the chemist without prescription and will usually relieve most symptoms.
  • Apply a cold compress to bites and stings.
  • Bee stings should be scraped away rather than 'plucked' in order to avoid squeezing the contents of the venom sac into the wound.
  • Ticks can be removed by covering with vaseline. This blocks their breathing holes and causes them to drop off.
  • In some cases, antibiotics may be needed.

Seek advice if:

  • You are stung in the mouth,
  • The sting cannot be removed,
  • You have a known allergy to bites and stings.

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