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Lionwood Medical Practice

Lionwood Medical Practice

national health service
Our aim is to be a patient-friendly practice which provides the very best of health care services
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To find out more about making an appointment with us, please select one of the options below:


How to Book an Appointment

To book an appointment at either Surgery, please contact the surgery by phone.

We provide what is known as an "advanced access" appointments service. In essence this means that we provide clinical care in a range of ways, which should mean that you get better access to clinicians.

We schedule approximately 60% of our appointments so that they are available on the day you ring. In order to get the appointment most suited to your needs it is better to ring early so that you can be given an appointment that day.

Our medical receptionists may ask you to give an indication of why you need to see the doctor so that you can be given the most appropriate appointment. This is to help us to ensure that your needs are met.

In order to attend an appointment with Lionwood Medical Practice, you must register with us. You must register before you can have an appointment with a clinician.

  Can I Book Appointments in Advance?

If you need to book an appointment in advance, this can be arranged. Please explain your requirements to our reception team.

The doctors have slots which can be booked in advance, however there may be up to a 4-week wait in order to see the doctor or nurse of your choice. The majority of our nurse appointments are pre-bookable up to 4 weeks in advance.

Most nurse slots, general health screening, blood pressure check, dressings and cervical screenings can all be booked in advance. All annual reviews for diseases such as Asthma, diabetes and heart failure can be pre-booked. Post natal checks and all childhood immunisations can be pre-booked.

Can I Arrange to Speak to a Doctor?

If you would like a telephone consultation, just tell the receptionist and a doctor or nurse will phone you back. It may not be the doctor of your choice, unless they are treating you for an ongoing condition.

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